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What made you get your ears stretched so big? I think you are gorgeous, not only because of your outside beauty but you seem to be a great person at heart, so why ruin your ears? (That is just my opinion) you didn't really ruin them. I understand people have their own individuality so I take that word back. asked by Anonymous

Lol. I started when I was 13 and planned on stopping at 5/8th’s but eventually made my way to 2” because “go big or go home”

I don’t think I “ruined” my ears at all. Beauty is subjective. I think I am more beautiful with my stretched lobes than without. I’ve had them for seven years now and I’ve never once regretted them.



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The fucking loop on this gif.

Legit can’t even tell where it loops.

The loop ends right after the red car.


If you are over 25 and haven’t had your smear test yet.. you’re rolling the dice. My sister was called in for her smear test when she was 25, she felt it was too invasive so she didn’t go. At 28 my sister got a girlfriend… so due to changes in sexual intercourse.. again she didn’t think to have it done. They broke up and my sister recently got a boyfriend. Someone she could see being with the rest of her life. Kids, House, Life. But then the pains started to begin.. the symptoms. My sister has been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Best outcome? It can be cut away, and the cancer will go. Horrible outcome? Her entire cervix will be cut out, meaning.. no children. Worst outcome? She will die. Because lack of action taken at a young age has resulted to it spreading. I can’t stress to you girls on my tumblr enough.. if you’re over 25 and haven’t had a smear test.. you are gambling with everything. Everything. Please share and don’t ‘pray’ for my sister… praying does nothing. Donate to cancer research, instead.




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